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Co-Curricular Activities  

Yoga is the modern cure of diseases, it makes the students stress free and cheerful. Yoga teacher of the school teaches the students various Yogaand Asana early in the morning on day to day basis.

Fruit Break :
After second period a Fruit Break of ten minutes is observed to give nutrition to the students. Students carry fruits, salad, roasted gram, and dry-fruit from their home to enjoy the same during the Fruit Break.

Health Club:
A Health Club has been founded in the school to maintain the health of the students and others staff. Camps are organized by Health Club. Doctors from Civil Hospital and other reputed hospitals of the town are invited to advise the students about wide spread infectious diseases like Dengue, Malaria etc. They are told the importance of cleanliness in our daily life. Eye Check-up Camp, Dental Check-up Camp, General Health Camp are a regular phenomenon in school.