DAV Police Public School, Palwal
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi with Affiliation No.- 531755
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Co-Curricular Activities  


Yoga is the modern cure of diseases, it makes the students stress free and cheerful. Yoga teacher of the school teaches the students various Yogaand Asana early in the morning on day to day basis.

Health and yoga Club is committed to inculcate the habits among students toward physical fitness and hygiene.

The aim of this club is to foster good habits for hygiene, healthy food and personal health awareness. The club provides an avenue for self-awareness beyond the school curriculum.

Fruit Break :
After second period a Fruit Break of ten minutes is observed to give nutrition to the students. Students carry fruits, salad, roasted gram, and dry-fruit from their home to enjoy the same during the Fruit Break.


Science & Eco Club is responsible to work for the welfare of environment which is degrading day by day because of human interference.This involves a pursuit of knowledge causing general truths as the operations of fundamental laws. It aims to inculcate and improve scientific temper amongst our students, promote scientific thinking and new ideas and enhance scientific awareness.


The club promotes learning of designing concepts through tools & technologies, photography, animation etc that can be used as a self learning module and others.

To motivate students to use computers effectively to enhance their computer skills to develop their skill of helping other clubs in excel work, slides presentation, PPT presentation and documentary presentation.


Heritage club makes them realize the importance of the time one calls one's "past" and its significance in one's life.


The Maths Club has been introduced with the aim of making Mathematics fun for students. It endeavors to help students grasp mathematical concepts better through activities like puzzles, shortcuts in calculations and games.


This club introduces the children with vocal music as a genre of music performed by one or more singers with or without instrument. In which singing provides the main focus of peace.

To develop aesthetic skill among children and to prepare them for forthcoming cultural events.To help the students to overcome their stage fear and to draw their innate talent.


 Healthy mind resides in a healthy body’, Keeping this in mind, Sports Club emphasizes on physical fitness. Students are trained for different sports according to their interest. They are encouraged to develop the capacity to make reasoned decisions about sport issues and to work effectively within a group toward common goals. The importance of team spirit, discipline and leadership qualities is fostered among the students.