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Challenging students to achieve their greatest potential
"Through reflective and collaborative practices, we will create a positive, safe, and inspiring learning environment that promotes a sense of community and ensures child-focused decision making to develop confident, motivated students who love reading and learning."
We are committed to promoting a stable and caring community which provides students with the means to attain academic excellence, to pursue dreams and goals, and to achieve success in an ever changing world.  Our MISSION is to create a society of learners where students are constantly challenged by their teachers. 
Our Core Values… Students, Staff, and Parents Who:

  • Strive for excellence
  •  Are self-disciplined and accountable for their actions
  •  Make responsible decisions
  • Display honesty and respect for others
  • Respect the learning process
  • Promote curiosity
  • Demonstrate sensitivity, compassion and cooperation
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Show pride in accomplishments
  • Demonstrate citizenship and social responsibility 
  • Our Mission…
  • Challenging students to achieve their greatest potential